Our Story

VR Marketing, a Malaysian-based company, commenced its operations in 1993 as a sales agent for wood products. Over the years, through collaborations with prominent manufacturers of MDF & Particle Board in Asia and Europe, VR Marketing has positioned itself as a premier entity in the industry. We have emerged as one of the leading importers and exporters of wood-based products in Asia, boasting strong market presence across the region.

Our product range encompasses wood-based products in a diverse array of thicknesses, sizes, and grades. That is why we call ourselves as “Your Partner in Wood Panel Products”. Ensuring the highest quality and prompt delivery of our products remains our constant endeavour.

Headquartered in (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), our central location enables us to efficiently manage marketing, sales, and distribution operations in central Peninsular Malaysia and beyond. To enhance our competitiveness and better serve local customers, we've established a distribution center in north Peninsular Malaysia, located in Bukit Kayu Hitam nearby the Thailand and Malaysia Border. This strategic move allows us to closely monitor the storage and delivery of our products, ensuring swift and efficient service.

Since our inception, VR Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has pursued not only economies of scale and competitive cost structures but also the continuous development of downstream value-added products. The combined efforts, enthusiasm, experience, and dedication of our management and staff have propelled the VR Marketing value-added range to become a significant contributor to our ongoing growth and success.

We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our operations and look forward to continued progress and prosperity in the wood-based products industry.

Our Vision

Our Vision at VR Marketing is to lead the wood-based products industry in Malaysia by setting new standards for quality and service. We aspire to establish our brand as synonymous with excellence, known for delivering top-notch products and unparalleled customer service. VR Marketing aims to become the preferred choice for customers seeking convenience, satisfaction, and exceptional service in the wood-based products market.

Our Mission

At VR Marketing, our mission is guided by our core corporate values, which we embody through the CICIQ formula. We understand that achieving our vision requires more than just setting goals; it involves adhering to fundamental principles that drive our actions and decisions. It's not just about reaching the destination; it's about the journey we take to get there.


While every business emphasizes the importance of customers, at VR Marketing, we go above and beyond to prioritize providing the highest quality service imaginable. Our dedication extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to cultivate deep and enduring relationships with each customer. By consistently delivering exceptional service, we strive to build trust that lasts a lifetime. At VR Marketing, our commitment to customer satisfaction knows no bounds.


At VR Marketing, integrity is not just a value; it's the bedrock of our company culture. We instill a strong sense of integrity in each and every member of our team. Honesty is our guiding principle, and we are committed to always being honest, without exception. When we make commitments, we stand by them unwaveringly, ensuring that we fulfill our promises and deliver on our goals. Our dedication to integrity ensures that every interaction, decision, and action reflects the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


At VR Marketing, communication is the lifeline of our operations. We embrace an open-style management approach that encourages transparency and accessibility to all lines of communication. Our staff and employees are empowered to communicate freely, both internally and with our valued customers. With full communication availability, we foster a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged, feedback is welcomed, and solutions are crafted together. By prioritizing communication, we ensure that everyone is aligned and well-prepared to work together in achieving our shared goals.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at VR Marketing. We believe in pushing the boundaries, exploring new ideas, and embracing cutting-edge technologies to drive continuous improvement and growth. Our staff are our greatest assets, and we encourage creativity and ingenuity at every level of the organization. Together, we plan efficiently, leveraging new methods and the latest practices to stay ahead of the curve. By fostering a culture of innovation, we remain agile, adaptive, and well-positioned to overcome challenges and seize chances within a continually changing market environment.


At VR Marketing, we uphold the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our operations. It begins with our rigorous recruitment process, where we meticulously select qualified and dedicated staff who embody our values of integrity, innovation, and loyalty. Our team members are not just employees; they are stewards of our company's reputation and ambassadors of our commitment to excellence.

By investing in our staff and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure that every product and service we deliver reflects the utmost quality. Our staff are deeply invested in upholding the good name of the company, knowing that our reputation for excellence is built upon their dedication and expertise. As a result, our customers can trust that they are receiving nothing but the finest products and services when they choose VR Marketing.